About Us

E3 Restorations is an expression of our passion for efficient, intuitive design. After living abroad for many years in Europe and South America and traveling across four continents, we have slept in a lot of Airbnbs and have kept a running list of different ways to design and use homes.

In addition, as both travelers and city dwellers in some of Europe’s highest density cities, our growing family became big fans of efficient design for maximum livable space (think: tiny homes).

After returning to Houston to raise our family, we wanted to apply all of our lessons learned to our first real family home. I have always had a love for the pier-and-beam construction and aesthetic, and after lucking out and finding a home with “good bones” (on an 10,000 square-foot lot, no less!), we set out on our first project.

3653 Griggs has been an incredible home for us, and a tremendous first project for E3 Restorations. Unlike many “flippers”, we have the benefit of having lived with all of our decisions, and have taken those lessons and applied them to each of our projects going forward, creating homes that we would want to live in.